Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev "Archangel Michael"

Description of the icon of Andrei Rublev

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Andrei Rublev's painting “Archangel Michael” is located in the Tretyakov Gallery, where it occupies a high position. With this work, the artist seemed to combine all possible best human qualities and hopes.

Michael - the first angel on the right hand of God has always been personified as a reliable protection of humanity and its interests. It was he who imprisoned Lucifer in the underworld, when he decided to disobey God's will and kneel before people. As a loving brother, Mikhail completed his task and saved humanity from the murderer.

As you know, work on the icon took place in a difficult time for the artist. It was then that in his mind and began to emerge images of harmony and prosperity. And Rublev considered the image of the archangel to be the best of them. Perfect, unshakable, he seemed to repulse reality and fills a person’s soul with calm.

The image of the archangel is made in accordance with generally accepted Russian images of celestials. However, there are also elements characteristic of Hellenic characters - for example, wings. Immediately added a grimace of thoughtfulness, invincibility and calm. Thus, the picture became an ideal for all possible heavenly images.

The use of pink tones gives a special appeal. They prevail on the face of the archangel. His gentle puffy lips and cheeks give an original look. A warm shade of the picture turned out golden-dark curls. After the gentle tones of the face, the bright wings of the archangel immediately rush into the eyes - the main emphasis on his heavenly image. The turquoise bandage on the character’s hair also turned out to be bright.

Then the gaze again falls to a soothing delicate color that is already present on the cape of the archangel. In view of the foregoing, we can say that the icon turned out to be a kind of reassurance for the suffering.

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