Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Still life. Wildflowers"

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Still life. Wildflowers

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The painter Alexander Gerasimov, who lived in the Soviet Union, has always been popular, both among ordinary people and among government officials. His work has been repeatedly evaluated by honorary state awards. Gerasimov considered himself a portrait painter. But he painted landscapes and still lifes no less skillfully than portraits.

The painting "Wildflowers" was one of such works by the artist. His goal was to transfer to the canvas his admiration for the natural beauty and plant diversity of his native land. Fields are picturesque boundless expanses of Russia dotted with simple flowers and herbs. In this simplicity, the artist saw the charm and even the power of our power, its originality.

This picture is replete with bright colors and, looking at it, you can not ignore any small detail, not a single leaf. But, despite the richness of the color palette, the artist focuses on the floral composition.

On the table in simple glass vases are no less simple flowers that can grow in nature without human care. Bouquets consist of daisies, clover, cornflowers. They are complemented by oak leaves and blades of grass, a sweeping shape.

Soft summer light falls from the left corner of the picture. There is a window slightly covered by a translucent curtain. In the background of bouquets a large mirror hangs, surrounded by a gilded frame.

The cold blue of his reflection and the blue of the tablecloth lying on the table emphasize the warm range used by the artist in the color of flowers.

On the side of the mirror is an elegant candlestick. Like the frame, it is decorated with beautiful carvings and gilding. By the decor of the room, one can judge that its owners are not poor peasants, but, most likely, wealthy people.

Gerasimov managed to convey to the viewer a positive attitude from viewing this canvas. She suggests thoughts of quiet rural comfort and fills the soul with calm and peace.

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