Description of the painting by Georges Braque “My bike”

Description of the painting by Georges Braque “My bike”

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The world collection of paintings dedicated to such an ingenious invention for movement and familiar to most people since childhood, like a bicycle, is not so large. Among these rare specimens there is a still life of Georges Braque, which has the corresponding name - “My bike”.

The French artist created another magnificent oil painting in 1941. It was already a mature, well-formed period of creative life. Having worked fruitfully in the direction of Fauvism, and then moving to the side of the representatives of Cubism, Marriage selflessly plunges into the newly formed expressionism.

What do we see when looking at the “Bicycle” of Marriage? The presented picture differs noticeably from others by the presence of several directly outlined frames along the perimeter.

Bright purple framing on canvas borders with wide stripes the color of fresh green foliage. Used paints, like an echo, are repeated in the still life itself, which gives the depicted special harmony.

The two-wheeled car is depicted fragmentarily. Some of its details are masked by green and yellow foliage drawn by the painter with chaotic careless brush strokes.

The work cannot be called static. Quickly, energetically applied strokes create the effect of heavy movement. Looking at the artist’s work, an alarming sensation arises, as when contemplating dangerous traffic.

The dynamics of the rear wheel in a white frame is clearly visible. Against the background, a key is visible in the bolt, and consciousness draws an image of a locked door. From carefully designed details, there are fragments of textured tree bark.

As a masterpiece of expressionism, the canvas of the Marriage by various artistic means gives rise to emotions from a sense of movement, speed.

Created in France, “My Bicycle” is now located in its capital - in the museum of unique and bold modern art.

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