Description of the painting by Gustav Dore "Don Quixote"

Description of the painting by Gustav Dore

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The famous French engraver and illustrator Gustave Doret wrote many illustrations for Cervantes's famous literary work Don Quixote. But this work is most famous.

In the illustrations of Dore, the artistic character is revealed to the contemplator by a noble, kind one. The main goal of his life is the extermination of evil. Don Quixote in his illustrations appears in a certain fantasy world, the action takes place in the daytime.

It is worth noting how interesting the artist applies lighting effects on his engraving. It is as if he paints with dark torn spots, which create a contrast group. Despite this, the line is clearly visible, the contours of the silhouettes. The plot is saturated with a lot of realities, having a Spanish flavor. Despite the fact that the work is not done in color, it seems very bright and saturated.

In the illustration, the dynamism of each movement is felt, which is achieved due to the special engraving technique - small precise touches, combined with long confident lines. One gets the impression that each image in the picture the artist painted from nature. There is no other way to explain how he was able to achieve such dynamics in one composition. In addition to the main characters on the canvas, you can see curious observers of all the events that crowded around.

Many illustrators took on the artistic accompaniment of this work, but only a few managed to accurately convey all the images, feel each character and organically draw the plot. One of these masters was Gustave Dore.

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