Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Village. Winter"

Description of the painting by Isaac Levitan “Village. Winter

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The artist Isaac Levitan is known in our country as a landscape painter, depicting the nature of the middle band in his paintings. Perhaps no one like Levitan was able to display the greatness of Russian nature and transfer to the canvas the changing moods of different seasons. Tender and vulnerable in character, Levitan had a surprisingly strong sense of empathy, which helped him to catch the subtle emotional vibes of the landscapes depicted by him. Nature in the artist’s paintings breathes and lives - Levitan’s attentive gaze observes such details and subtleties that make up the essence of weather changes.

Painting Village. Winter was written by the artist in 1878. Isaac was then eighteen years old, this is the first of his most famous paintings. But this early painting reveals to the viewer the unconditional talent of the artist - a poetic rhythm is born behind the seeming simplicity of the landscape, and a perfectly built perspective makes the picture photographically accurate.

The core of the composite construction is a road that goes into the distance, trodden in the snow between two snowdrifts. The same type of village houses on both sides of the road are covered with snow, like cotton wool; bare trees in the background also hid their branches under the snow. A blue strip of snow-covered forest in the distance separates the horizon from the rosy pink sky.

The period of painting was a difficult time for the artist. In 1875, his mother died, and later, in 1877, his father died of typhus. Isaac, like his brothers and sisters, was in great need, often spent the night in a workshop, and lived mainly on material assistance from an art school, where he received his education. But despite all the difficulties of his real life, the world of Levitan's landscapes is imbued with calm and grandeur.

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