Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Sunspots on Hoarfrost”

Description of Arkhip Kuindzhi's painting “Sunspots on Hoarfrost”

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Arkhip Kuindzhi is an artist of Greek origin, born in the family of a poor shoemaker. The boy’s parents died early, raised by his aunt and uncle. Little Arkhip studied poorly, but from early childhood he drew great. But the future painter also had to work from a very young age, and he changed many different professions - shepherding geese, helping at a construction site, selling bread.

It was one of the employers who noticed the boy’s talent for drawing and advised him to go to study with Aivazovsky, but Aivazovsky instructed Arkhip only to crush the paint. He also entered the Academy of Arts only the third time. However, in the future, his talent was widely recognized, and the paintings invariably aroused admiration of the audience. In adulthood, he was a recognized master of the so-called philosophical landscape - trying to comprehend the ultimate meaning of things in his works, Kuindzhi experimented with paints and forms and achieved his own style, distinct from other artists.

The canvas Sunspots on hoarfrost clearly illustrates the artist's work. Bright but mysterious sunlight, repeatedly refracted and reflected in hoarfrost crystals, creates a three-dimensional spatial composition. From wide, smooth, rounded strokes, a real image of a snowy forest, deep soft snowdrifts that covered the ground, and fluffy tree branches are formed.

Dark blue trees in the distance almost merge with the azure sky. The sun's rays fall obliquely, creating dazzling glare and deep contrasting shadows. The trees in the picture are generalized and resemble cumulus clouds - but everyone who has at least once been in the woods in the winter has a feeling of deja vu. The viewer seems to be in the middle of a snowy meadow in the depths of the Russian forest.

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