Description of Francois Boucher’s painting “Pastoral”

Description of Francois Boucher’s painting “Pastoral”

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Francois Boucher became famous not only as a talented artist, perfectly matching the spirit of his time, but also as a decorator and author of prints. Illustrated many books. Most often turned to mythological subjects, but painted them in a pastoral manner, partly decorative, showing a rare ingenuity. In addition, he paid tribute to genre scenes, painted portraits to order. The brightest representative of the Rococo, the artist strove to ensure that all of his works fit perfectly into the interior and serve as an additional decoration of the premises. His main customer was the Marquise de Pompadour.

Painting Pastoral - a typical example of creativity Boucher. Bright, as if varnish paints form the basis of the painting. The artist uses all the colors of the spectrum without exception, but the overall sub-tone of the painting is golden pink, creating a feeling of warmth and light flirting. The concept of pastoral, derived from the word shepherd’s, is based on the chanting of the countryside, idealized being, conflict-free coexistence against the background of nature.

He filled almost all of his pastorals with open flirting and partly even eroticism. The painting depicts a couple in love - a pretty girl in a lush yellow skirt and a pale pink blouse with a large neckline, and her lover, dressed in beige pants and a bright scarlet vest. Both characters are barefoot; flowers are woven into the girl’s hair, roses are lying at the feet of lovers. A curly sheep clung to the right of the girl; the scenic branches of the trees frame the scene. The light gray, silvery sky serves as a neutral tone for the embarrassed, reddened face of the heroine. Today, such a plot and the degree of seriousness of its execution may be a subject of surprise; in the days of Bush, the piquant artificiality of the situation was the most familiar and typical scenario for the picture.

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