Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin "Peasant boy with an hatchet"

Description of the painting Vasily Tropinin

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Tropinin is an excellent portrait painter of the 19th century. A series of paintings is dedicated to children's portraits. The artist was very fond of children. In children, he saw pure souls and dreamy people. Vasily Andreyevich painted a portrait series belonging to the image of children with various attributes that symbolize a sensitive children's soul. The portraitist masterly conveyed in his works an innocent and touching worldview, emotions, because he knew how to understand a child’s soul.

The painting "Peasant Boy with an Hatchet" was painted in 1810 and refers to costume portraits. A child’s image does not belong to any particular person, but is an idealized, generalized image. It is assumed that the prototype of the portrait was one of the theatrical roles.

The portrait depicts a peasant boy, about 9 years old, who has a childishly courageous look, but at the same time pure and innocent. The boy is dressed in a peasant shirt, he is holding an ax on his shoulder, and a yellow straw hat is decorated on his head, decorated with daisies and forget-me-nots. From under the hat, golden hair breaks through. The boy’s face is turned to the side, his gaze is directed into the distance. Soft lighting emphasizes the features of a young face, on which a fresh blush plays. A slight smile is noticeable in the corners of the child's mouth.

The picture has a connection with the sentimentalism system inherent in that time. Many portraits of this genre were painted in the same spirit. At the same time, the portrait of a peasant boy holding an hatchet is close to the “heads” of Rotary by the nature of his image.

Portrait painted in oil. The artist uses a rocaille gamut of complementary colors to paint a portrait, but still with a predominance of a golden hue. Smears are smooth and soft, have a transparent and shimmering texture.

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