Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Composition with Gioconda”

Description of the painting by Kazimir Malevich “Composition with Gioconda”

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The painter tried to originate Suprematism from several illogical works. One of the proofs of this is his famous painting “Composition with Gioconda”. Here we see a white space that looks more like a plane with an incomprehensible depth, some geometric shapes that have the correct features and foundations, as well as a local color. It’s hard enough to track the connection with any subject or even with whether there is reality or not.

Here, all the figures seem to enter into some strange and special relationship with each other and with the white background surrounding them. The most interesting thing is that geometric shapes manage to overshadow the images that go under them. In Composition with the Mona Lisa, there are two very important phrases that come to the fore. These are phrases that Malevich uses in his illogical works. A newspaper clipping in which we see the fragment “the apartment is being transferred” and is supplemented with just one word - “in Moscow” (old spelling is used), as well as the mirror-inverted word “Petrograd”.

All written phrases carry semantic associativity, which manages to give some kind of artistic manifesto to the composition “Compositions with the Mona Lisa”. Malevich believed that associations such as an apartment, a house, or a sink were symbols that pure art should use. It is art that builds its own world, it is innocent. In the world of art, every idea can find an apartment, but Malevich believed that the hollow of a tree should not always be used to build a nest by birds.

Ironically, the meaning “apartment is conveyed”, which the artist placed directly under the portrait of Gioconda, which someone seemed to cross out. The portrait looks like it was cut out of a postcard. There is a version that in the original version, Malevich attached a cigarette butt to the mouth of Gioconda. Unfortunately, this version of the work did not reach us.

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