Description of Vincent Willem van Gogh's Harvest painting

Description of Vincent Willem van Gogh's Harvest painting

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The Harvest landscape was painted by Vincent van Gogh in June 1888 on a hill that overlooked the fields around Montmajour Abbey. In the open air at that summer time in the south of France in Provence, the artist painted a series of landscapes about the harvesting process. On all canvases, Van Gogh portrayed working peasants, as if chanting them for such a difficult work. This series also includes the picture Harvest, also known as Harvest and Harvest in La Cro and Montmajour in the Background.

In a letter to his brother Theodore, Van Gogh admitted that writing summer is much more difficult for him than spring. But he coped with his task and was very pleased with the result.

In the painting "Harvest" the artist depicted a sultry summer day, delightfully yellow colors of endless fields convey all the brightness and warmth of sunlight. The canvas seems to glow, as if it itself emits sunlight.

The strip of horizon is saturated with blue, as if drowning in celestial azure, shading a wide space.

The bright yellow color of the fields extending into the distance is diluted with shades of light green, which allows you to recognize the line between the individual fields. Lush stripes of trees, buildings, roads create horizontals and verticals on the canvas, which gives the picture a visual volume. The landscape seems to come to life and fits into the viewer's eyes, fully conveying the atmosphere of a sultry day.

Despite such a miniature size of the figures of peasants, the artist managed to spell out the details of their work.

It was very important for Van Gogh to capture the harvest process on the canvas. He managed to depict the main stages of this process.

He was very pleased with the painting he painted and gave it the name “Harvest.

Today, Van Gogh's Harvest painting is in the Van Gogh Museum of Art in Amsterdam.

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