Description of the painting Kazimir Malevich Running man

Description of the painting Kazimir Malevich Running man

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Aspiration. ANXIETY.

In the foreground a running man, without a face, without shoes ...

In the background is a landscape with a very low horizon, on which there are two houses and a sword that rests against the hemisphere and the Orthodox cross. The sky is gloomy with weightless clouds.

The third plan of the picture is represented by multi-colored stripes of red, black, green, white and yellow, this is the basis on which the world represented in the picture is located.

The combination of red, white and black colors predominates over a large area of ​​gloomy ultramarine, creating a dramatic, one might even say tragic, atmosphere. The picture is very complicated in its interpretation, but at the same time everything becomes very clear in it if the historical basis of that time is familiar.

There is a theory that in this picture the artist showed the reaction of poor peasants to the policy of the authorities regarding local residents. There is also a theory that the picture depicts the difficult and tragic period of the artist’s biography when the Institute of Culture, which was directed by the artist, was closed in Leningrad.

And there still exists a kind of historical interpretation of the artist’s canvas - as a kind of foreboding or planning to visit Western Europe.

The main milestones of creativity are visible in the picture: suprematism is shown by horizontal stripes of land, objectlessness is shown by flat houses near the horizon, the cross reminds of creativity with the poetry of Orthodoxy, and the theme of the peasant is a peasant series, and of course the absence of a face from the character of the picture is a series of “targets ".

But the most basic thing that attracts attention is the “running” person. Malevich no longer runs. Why ran a peasant, whose image was always portrayed by Malevich as monumental standing? And here it is worth paying attention to the direction of movement of the character, he runs from right to left. And European culture requires the viewer to view images of paintings from left to right.

Here Malevich violates the usual vector in painting and this draws attention to the very process of running. And movement in Suprematism means a connection with the unearthly, cosmic. Therefore, the picture is about the spiritual movements of that time.

Malevich - a native of the Ukrainian-Polish-Belarusian borderland, always knew: a sword vertically thrust into the sphere means a military tombstone with the praise of heroic death, as well as supreme power and the triumph of fortitude. And the transformation of a sword with a sphere into an Orthodox cross in the painting of Malevich speaks about the transition of secular life into a spiritual life in the air, a mixture of history and mythology. The fact of these changes is paid attention to the change in size - from a small sword to a large cross.

The whole picture is a prophecy about the future of the peasantry, or rather, about the absence of this future.


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